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[3DS] “いつの間にテレビ” on Japanese 3DS

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The Japanese 3DS comes with a few Japan-only apps, one of which is the “いつの間にテレビ” (roughly means “TV without u knowing it”), where 3D TV clips are downloaded to your 3DS during sleep mode on a daily basis.

As of today, 6 daily updated 3D programs are available, including “日刊トビダス” (“Tobidas Daily”), “マジック教室3D” (“Magic Classroom 3D”), ”アイドリング!!!大相撲3DS場所” (“Idoling!!! Sumo 3DS Area”), ”どうぶつDEカレンダー” (“Animal DE Calender”), “まいにち*3Dデート” (“Everyday*3D Date”), “ぶらり 特選鉄ビュー3D” (“Furari Select Rail View 3D”).

The service is only available on Japanese 3DS connecting from Japan.

The title screen of "いつの間にテレビ" on the Japanese 3DS

Descriptions of Tobidas Daily

Descriptions of Everyday*3D Date

Showing Everyday*3D Date

Showing Idoling!!! Sumo 3DS Area

Showing Furari Selected Rail View 3D


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[πGel] Elgin Street, 3pm

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f/2, 1/80s, ISO-200, Olympus XZ-1

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Kate Upton – Sobe Staring Contest

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